About Me

Hi I'm Nancy, a UX/UI designer currently based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been full-time, working remotely as the design manager for a startup in San Francisco since 2 BC, Before Covid (2018).

I've been building my interest in user experience design since I was studying Design and HCI in Japan from 2008, learning that crafting user experience is essential in framing the design direction based on various insights and ideas.

“What makes something better is the connection.”

For me, the power of UX design is not only about giving a response to the problem, but picking up the missing pieces and connecting them with people's life.

Fun Facts about me:

5 cities have been called home for me: Dallas, Taipei, Yokohama, San Francisco, Tokyo.
3 languages I speak: Chinese, English, Japanese
2+ years of working remotely and managing a design team

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Design Projects
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If you want to collaborate on crafting experience for people, feel free to contact me :)