Juvo Design System

Juvo design system contains the design principles, visual styles, components and patterns used to create consistent and coherent user experience across Juvo's product. It is the single source of truth which improves the workflow efficiency among product, design and development team. Juvo design system brings better user experience and increases the product value to the business partners.

Design Lead
Nancy Ma, Melissa Issorat, Monica Guerrero
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My Role

Melissa introduced the concept of design system to the team in summer, 2018. We both believe that Juvo needs a simple source of truth which can improve the workflow and reduce the communication conflicts among design, product management and development teams. From 2018-2020, I led the team to review all the UI in Juvo core products, set up the design principle and the direction for us to follow while building an organic system which can be easily evolved by time and produce different product lines to response our clients' needs.

Juvo Design Principle

Our design principles: empowerment, consistency, simplicity, and scalability ensure that our users develop a healthy financial behavior, our UX and UI design adheres to the industry standard, our products are intuitive towards our end users and our products are flexible enough to scale.We empower our end users by teaching them healthy financial behavior through gamification.

01 Consistency

We design our apps so our users interactions are consistent with their interactions in other apps on different platforms.

For example, we use a ‘floating action button’ as a main navigation gate in our Android apps, but use a ‘bottom tap bar’ as a main navigation in our iOS apps. This consistency helps users quickly know how to interact with our app on any given platform and eliminates confusion. From the developer’s point of view, it reduces the time to establish a new and undefined UI layout.

02 Simplicity

We believe the best apps have simple core features.


We believe more features in the app doesn’t mean more value but it can increase complexity. Generally, the best apps don’t have the most features but have excellent core features. To avoid complexity, we only display essential content and functions the user needs on a single layout. Secondary content is available through a dialog box and only 1 primary CTA is shown in a layout.

Flat Navigation

We design the navigation in our apps with a flat hierarchy. A flat navigation allows users to access the deepest page in the app within one to two taps. This is a simple way to prevent users from losing themselves in the app.Our design is adaptable to the changing needs and demands of its users.

03 Scalability

Our design is adaptable to the changing needs and demands of its users.

Scalability across the devices and platforms

We design the interface around devices and platforms, meaning our design is adaptable across low-end to high-end devices, from mobile to web.

Small app size

We ensure our apps are small and easy to download on the go by using the latest development practice. We also use drawable assets to improve accuracy and flexibility in the apps.

Consistency and Accessibility

• Visual elements, terminology and functionality are consistent across the apps and platforms. For example, a button on a product page opens a dialog with details to checkout on all our platforms.

• Color contrast is sufficient between elements among all kinds of screens so the apps are accessible to users with different vision abilities. For example, the contrast ratio for text in the industry is 4.5:1

04 Empowerment

We empower our end users by teaching them healthy financial behavior through gamification. Our gaming system is designed with incentives, reinforcement and clarity so our users understand the value of credit and payments.


We incentivize payments through Juvo Points. When users pay the credit extended to them, Juvo Points accumulate over time and unlock different levels of credit extensions with an increased value.


We positively reinforce behavior linked to payments so users feel the intrinsic value of their behavior. When users complete a payment, a dialogue box pops up encouraging the behavior before and after the payment. This also happens when a user levels-up.


We clarify how users can access the different credit extensions in our CTAs. When users cannot select one, a dialog box pops up providing the necessary information on how they can unlock the credit in the CTA.