Juvo ITU (International Top Up)

Juvo ITU (International Top Up) is one of Juvo's core products which allows users to send top-ups to their family and friends who live in Latin America. We worked 2 clients, Sprint and Movistar Mexico, and deployed 2 apps in the US and Mexico.

UI/UX Designer
Android, iOS
Nancy Ma
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My Role

I designed this app from scratch while brainstorming with product manager to set up the core product value. My goal of the UI is to deliver a simple and intuitive way for user to easily send a top-up to the recipient within fewer steps. From the UX perspective, I chose to start the flow at picking the recipient instead of choosing a top-up product. I wanted to make a remittance app more human centered, which resonates more deeply with the users' intention of sending top-up, staying connected with their loved one.

Juvo International Top-Up 'Generic'

Deployment: Sprint

Deployment: Movistar

Featured Spec & Wireframes

UI Spec for Promotion banner

UI Spec for Promotion Overlay