Nancy Lan-Lan Ma,

UI/UX Designer

Hi there! My name is Nancy and I have 9 years of experience in designing mobile and web products. Most recently, I led the design team launched 9 apps in 25 countries. I'm passionate about cultivating an idea, shaping it into a design, and executing it as a product.

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Juvo UP
UI/UX Designer | Design Lead
Juvo Backoffice
Design Lead
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UI/UX Designer



"Nancy routinely exhibits a strong competency in her designs and approach to visual UI. I always feel confident in her ability to design products for a great user experience."

Peer Review, 2019


"I think Nancy's greatest strength is her vision. I think she realizes what we're trying to do, and she's been moving to systematize these things in a meaningful way... seeking a great deal of input in the process."

Peer Review, 2019


"Nancy thinks well on her feet. She is always quick to find a solution when a problem is identified, and she acts on her ideas with intent. This helps build trust among other team members."

Peer Review, 2019


"I enjoy working with Nancy and thinks her output is of high quality. She also manages the time difference from Tokyo quite well. I haven't experienced any scenarios where the time difference impacted working together."

Direct Report Review, 2019


"Nancy provides regular and impactful feedback during meetings. She also engaging individual designers across the Design team to help them grow their skills. She's generous with her time and knowledge, and takes an active interest in my career development."

Direct Report Review, 2019

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If you want to collaborate on crafting experience for people, feel free to contact me :)

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