Juvo UP

JuvoUP is an app for prepaid subscribers which allows users to top-up anytime anywhere without funds at the time of need, and provides progressive airtime credit that drives engagement, loyalty and a path to advanced financial services.

UI/UX Designer | Design Lead
Android, iOS, Web
Nancy Ma, Melissa Issorat
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My Role

I was the sole designer when we started to build this product in 2015. I worked together with the product lead to define the product proposition, and conducted a user study with our first client, Cable & Wireless Communications, in Caribbean. I designed the UI/UX from wires to prototypes and handled all the production delivery. After the first launch, Flow Lend, I led the design team to build the design system, and worked in the cross functional team with project managers, account managers, and developers on several different deployments in 4 years: Telekom Albania, Tune Talk in Malaysia, Claro Brazil, Avantel, and BSNL in India.

The Value

  • Educational - Building credit identities is a foreign idea for the end users in the emerging market. I designed the experience which leads users not only to understand the functions but also to learn how to build the path to credit value.
  • Ubiquitous - Juvo is working with mobile carriers in 3 continents, LATAM, Asia and Eastern Europe. The design is ubiquitous for users from different cultures and languages.
  • Flexible & systematic - For the final deployments, the UI will use our clients' (mobile carriers) branding and sometimes needs to be modified due to the API requests. The interface of JuvoUP is flexible for customization. In the meantime, in order to efficiently build the app for deployment in a short time, I designed the UI to stay systematic which can decrease the lead time on development and increase the accuracy of implementation.

The Work


According to the data we got from the client, we defined 4 personas based on top-up frequency, avg amount, and zero balance day count.

User Study

Client: Flow, Cable and Wireless Communication // I worked with our client's customer support team in Antigua and had a remote user study by using video conference, InVision prototype and recording.


The JuvoUP 'generic' prototype uses Juvo branding for demonstrating the UX flow and the interface. The flow in this prototype starts from the onboarding, the beginner stage, topping up with loan, purchasing a data pack, and it ends when user levels up to the next stage (Bronze) after paying back the loan.

Systematic Production

In 2018, I led the team to go through all the screens in JuvoUP and we built the design system which helps the internal and external users understand the rules and principles behind our core product solution. Also, we set up the UI spec sheet which helps developers quickly establish the frontend implementation and easily adjust it for the clients' deployment. Click to learn more about the UI spec sheet and the JuvoUP Design System

Feature Wireframes

Due to different API requirements from the clients or new feature requests from the PM team, I created several wireframes to demonstrate the new UX flows.


After launching Flow Lend in 2016, we deployed 7 apps in 25 countries. Here are some highlights of our customer deployments: Flow Lend in Caribbean; Tune Talk Pay Later in Malaysia; Claro SOS Recarga in Brazil.