HTC Active

Active is a wearable band for helping users to track their activity level. It is configured with a native application on phone. My deliverables were user flows and a complete deck of wireframes for the mobile application.

UX Designer | Producer
Nancy Ma, Jenny Lee
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My Role

I worked with planning team and industrial designers to identify product concept and roadmap for wearable device with mobile health application. By applying design thinking methodology in ideation stage, I designed with team and delivered 40+ sketches, 9 information architectures and 15-page wireframe for internal communication.

The Process

I started working on Active when the product team planned to build a new product line for wearable device. I helped to lead the brainstorming process by applying the method of design thinking. This was a cross-team project so I thought it would be necessary to have a complete ideation stage for synchronizing different ideas.

After the ideation stage, we set our target users are those who want to be more active but not a workout lover. We don’t want to be another activity recorder, which only shows the numbers and results, but a companion, which can encourage users to do more exercises.

The Design

Based on the direction we set in the ideation, I created the information architecture by using the bottom-up method. I listed down all the features which our team members would like to include, and pull out the features which can echo perfectly to the main concept of encouraging users to do exercise. What I wanted to provide is a more intuitive interface. For example, I designed the Active ‘life tree’ visualizes users’ activity level on the lock-screen of their phones. The more activities users have done, the more leaves will grow. This will help users easily to navigate their achievements, not just reading all the numbers and data.